After an arrest, you may worry about what will happen once you get to jail. In many cases, you may have to spend the night there. If you are an avid fan of television cop shows, you may have some idea what to expect, but in reality, the things you see on TV are not exactly the way things happen. So, before you make your first appearance in a Louisiana jail, it helps to get an accurate account of what to expect.

Kansan explains that once the officer puts you under arrest, he or she will place you in handcuffs and put you in the back of a law enforcement vehicle. You will wear the handcuffs until you get inside the jail. The amount of time it takes once you get to the jail varies. Things may move swiftly, or you may spend a lot of time waiting.

At the jail

An officer or detective may take you into a room alone and ask you questions about the situation that brought you to the jail. Remember that you do not have to answer questions and you can ask for an attorney before answering any questions. Typically, you also get an explanation of the charges against you and why the officer placed you under arrest.


You may have to go through the booking process once at the jail. This involves a strip search where you must remove all of your clothing, and an officer searches your body. You then put on clothing the jail provides, which is usually a jumpsuit and plastic sandals. Before or after the search, you may also have your picture taken, and an officer may fingerprint you.

From here, an officer may take you into the cell area where you may be in a large open room with other prisoners, or you may have an individual cell.

After your day spent in jail, you should get to see a judge. This could happen the same day of your arrest. When you see the judge, you may get a bail amount, and you can then post bail and get out of jail. If you find yourself facing jail time or dealing with an arrest, you may want to contact a criminal defense attorney who can help you with your case.