What would you do if creditors in Louisiana harass you for purchases you have never made? What if the banks refuse to loan you for credit issues that you do not know about and if the police arrest you for crimes you have never committed?  This is the plight of victims of identity fraud. If you become an identity fraud victim, a criminal will steal your personal information and commit crimes using your name. 

According to Identity Force, in the year 2017, one out of fifteen people in the U.S. have become victims of identity fraud. Generally, about 33 percent of adults in the U.S. have experienced Identity theft. The 24/7 Wall St. identifies Louisiana as the 16th State with the highest number of identity theft. What would happen if you were in the midst of a white-collar crime that you did not commit? 

In Louisiana, you may sue the identity thief and recover up to $5000 per violation or three times the actual damages depending on which is higher. If the violator used your business trademark information or web information, you might file a civil suit against them. The violator may receive a restraining order to stop them from committing the crime, and you may receive the actual damages of the crime or $100,000 for each crime committed together with the court fees and attorney fees. If there was a pattern in the violation, a court might increase the number of damages up to three times the figure. 

Do not consider this information as legal advice. It is given only for educational purposes.