No one is above Louisiana law in a rape case. However, even law enforcement cannot always be counted on to uphold the law as sworn in. This case illustrates that sometimes people can commit repeat offenses when left to their own devices.

While the State Police state that “no criminal act happened” when Livingston Parish deputy Dennis Perkins spent time watching a movie in bed back in 2013. The rape case is from 2014 with allegations that the deputy engaged in inappropriate touching of a minor.

Not only that, but there are additional allegations of child pornography on top of the rape charges. However, the deputy managed to deny the charges from 2014 only to be arrested again last week with similar charges. The deputy and his wife face many charges including two counts of first-degree rape each.

There are also “more than 60 counts each of producing pornography of a child under 13.” The State Police have denied the validity of prior accusations. It remains to be seen whether they back the deputy on the current charges.

The investigations prior to the current one seem to have lacked the zeal required to determine true guilt or innocence. The authorities gave Perkins the benefit of a doubt for the single accusations in 2013 and 2014. He will not be able to use the same simple dismissal this time around.

This is sure to be a high-profile case with many victims. Hiring an attorney, like The Law Offices of James A. Williams, LLC, capable of handling these types of cases is essential to bringing the criminals to justice.