Many Louisiana residents may know that embezzlement is illegal. However, they may wonder what forms this offense can take and what exactly the term means. 

Embezzlement can take many forms. According to Small Business Trends, some people might commit embezzlement by overcharging customers. In this situation, people might create false entries in the company’s accounting system to hide this extra money. Additionally, people may cash checks written to the company and keep this money. Sometimes people might also accept a customer’s money at the cash register but then void the transaction to hide it from an employer. 

While many people may think embezzlement only concerns money, this offense can also involve company assets. People embezzle from their employers when they take laptops and other electronics for the purpose of selling them or using them at home. Additionally, taking office supplies for use at home can be a form of embezzlement. This offense can sometimes involve merchandise. Someone at a retail store, for example, might commit embezzlement when he or she sells returned items or takes them home for personal use. 

Some people may wonder how embezzlement is different from theft. FindLaw says that the difference lies in intention and possession. A person might have the authorization to handle money for a business, for example. If this person takes this money and intentionally uses it in a way the company would not approve of, then embezzlement has occurred. Usually, members of law enforcement have to demonstrate that a person intended to use the money in an unauthorized way and also had permission to handle company assets.