If you have received drug charges in Louisiana, you may be concerned about the future. Along with legal issues including jail time and fines, there is a distinct responsibility that you also suffer from a serious addiction disorder that requires professional treatment. DrugAbuse.gov explains the different treatment approaches so you can make the best decisions for your future.

Treatment approaches vary quite a bit. For the best results, drug treatment professionals often recommend a combination of treatments, which helps address multiple aspects of addiction. Medications are effective for managing the physical symptoms of addiction, which allows the person the ability to get the treatment that he or she needs while ensuring health is not compromised.

Withdrawal effects can be very damaging when a person is seriously addicted to drugs. In this case, medically assisted detox is necessary to lessen the impact of withdrawal symptoms. With opioids, some drugs can be administered to lessen cravings, which pose a significant threat of relapse. There are also medications that reduce the high a person experiences when an opiate is taken. Antidepressants may be administered to treat any underlying mental health issues that could be contributing to a person’s drug addiction.

Cognitive therapy can also prove beneficial in this case. Therapists help patients recognize patterns of abuse, as well as establish methods for coping with daily stressors. Families of the addict may also find comfort in therapy, which is why many counselors encourage spouses and other family members to also attend. Support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, can also be beneficial. Thanks to their social component, support groups allow people struggling with addiction to make connections with others experiencing the same struggles.