A teenager in Louisiana was arrested after killing another young man, and he was put on trial for murder. He was acquitted, however, after showing that all he did was act in self-defense against a threat he could not otherwise evade.

Though the trial just concluded, the actual incident happened back in 2015, on Oct. 10. According to reports, the young man was 16 years old at the time, and he was being threatened by another teen who was 18 years old and physically larger than him.

The teen’s legal team argued that the older teen was the aggressor and that he was given several chances to stop this activity, which he did not take. In the end, the smaller, younger teen picked up a kitchen knife and defended himself. After the incident, that teen then kneeled on the floor to hold the older boy’s head and attempt to staunch the bleeding. There is a picture of that action taking place. His efforts were in vain, though, and the 18-year-old passed away from his injuries.

The defense that the young man used on trial was that he was simply exercising his rights under the “stand your ground” law that applies in Louisiana. Before that, Louisiana had a “castle doctrine” that meant people could defend their homes if needed. The “stand your ground” law allows them to defend themselves in the same manner in public places and cars. They don’t have to retreat from an aggressor.

This case is a prime example of why it’s important to know all of your legal defense options when facing serious allegations that could change the course of your life.