Did you know that 130 people in the United States have been wrongfully convicted of murder and later exonerated by DNA evidence? These people were accused of violent crimes that they never committed, they had to serve time before they eventually got free.

Of course, that makes you wonder just how many people were wrongfully convicted before DNA evidence. How many wrongful convictions were never overturned because the right DNA evidence has never been found? How long are the sentences these people serve? Who bears this terrible burden?

To help you get a better picture of the issue, here are a few interesting statistics:

  • A total of 362 people have seen their convictions overturned based on DNA evidence.
  • Of these cases, a full 61 percent were African-Americans, or 222 individuals.
  • Another 30 percent — 109 men and women — were Caucasian.
  • Eyewitness misidentification played a role in 40 of the murder cases, or 31 percent.
  • Of the 362 cases, forensic science was used improperly in 45 percent of those.
  • False confessions, for one reason or another, happened in 28 percent of the total cases and 62 percent of the murder cases.
  • 20 of the people involved in these mistakes were living on death row when the truth came to light.

Are you shocked by how often these critical mistakes happen? This shows why it is so critical that criminal defendants know all of their legal rights and defense options. Everything is on the line. Do not let something like this destroy your future or your life. A skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to turn the jury away from conviction.