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The attorney you choose to defend your rights and best interests during a criminal investigation can mean the difference between successfully securing an acquittal and facing the consequences of a conviction. When damaging criminal charges arise in Louisiana, you need someone in your corner who has the experience necessary to fight for the best possible outcome. You need The Law Offices of James A. Williams, L.L.C.

For 38 years, founding attorney James A. Williams has dedicated his practice to criminal justice, working both as a former district attorney and now as a criminal defense lawyer. He has exceptional experience working cases from both sides, which gives him the ability to quickly identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, often leading to dismissed charges and acquittals.

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We pride ourselves on taking on challenging criminal cases and successfully defending our clients. Our representative cases are a testament to that.

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Some criminal defense lawyers shy away from challenging cases, but not our law firm. We’re well-known throughout the greater New Orleans area for handling tough, high-profile criminal cases and securing favorable outcomes for our clients. From high-level sex offenses to first-degree murder charges, we’re equipped with the legal knowledge, experience and skill needed to withstand the pressures of the courtroom.
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An Aggressive Commitment To Justice And Your Best Interests

Whether you’re facing a simple misdemeanor or a serious federal charge, you can rest assured knowing that your defense strategy will be tailored to meet your needs and that it can withstand the scrutiny of a jury trial. That’s because we take a detailed approach when defending your rights, thoroughly reviewing all of the evidence and fully exploring all avenues of investigation in order to defend your rights, best interests and future.
At The Law Offices of James A. Williams, L.L.C., we’re known for aggressively defending our clients and securing positive outcomes. If the numerous successful outcomes we’ve secured over the years aren’t enough to convince you that we’re the right choice to defend you, we encourage you to schedule a free initial consultation with attorney James A. Williams today to learn more about your rights and how we can effectively defend them.
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If you’re facing serious criminal charges, turn to a seasoned trial lawyer who has the experience you need to fend off even the most damaging allegations. Contact our office in Gretna, Louisiana, today to schedule a free initial consultation: 504-361-0636.